19'x20' Half&Half Pukk1000 unit

A rearing shed and night shelter ‘in one’ for handling up to 1,000 birds.

As standard:

  • Cleverly integrates a rearing shed with a night shelter – enabling the unit to be lifted and moved in one go.
  • Overall unit size 19’x20’. Rearing shed measures 19’x12’ and holds up to 1,000 birds. Adjoining night shelter measures 19’x8’.
  • Construction made with precision-built treated timber frame and box profile metal sheeting roof with flashing. Rearing shed clad in exterior ply. Night shelter clad in a combination of hexagonal wire and Shelterflex.
  • Two doors at front of unit; plus pop holes in adjoining wall and at rear of night shelter.
  • Superior insulation system specially designed for the UK climate reducing both bird stress and gas consumption costs by up to 30% when used in conjunction with thermostatic controlled heaters.
  • Peck-resistant internal sheeting that’s easy to wash down for a healthy, hygienic environment.  
  • We recommend that a minimum of two people construct our units. Alternatively, we have a reliable construction service that can be booked with your order.

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  • Accessories for the Half&Half unit, including ventilation, guttering, lifting frame, flooring and floor lining, can be found here


Description Unit price
19’x20’ Half&Half Pukk1000 unit (up to 1,000 birds) £2,000
Flooring (made from panels so they can be taken up, cleaned and stored) £350
Floor lining £16
Lifting frame £550
Ventilation kit £50
Guttering kit £40

All prices are shown excluding VAT.  VAT will be applied to all orders at the current rate.

Delivered on site across the UK as easy-assembly kits with comprehensive instructions – including all the correct nuts and bolts etc.

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