Night shelters for large sheds

A precision fit for our range of large sheds.

As standard:

  • Night shelters are available in two sizes: 12’x12’ and 16'x12', both designed to seamlessly connect with the 19’x24’ Pukk2000 unit and any of our large modular sheds.
  • Construction made with precision-built treated timber frame, Shelterflex front and back, hot dipped galvanised hexagonal wire sides and box profile metal sheeting roof with flashing.
  • We recommend that a minimum of two people construct our units. Alternatively our reliable construction team can do this for you.

12'x12' Night shelter


  • Separates the 19’x24’ Pukk2000 shed into two workable units (two 12’ x 12’ shelters shown back to back here).
  • Holds up to a 1,000 birds in each half.





Floor plan shows two 12’x12’ Night shelters fitted to the 19’x24’ Pukk2000 shed, with two separate runs – creating two separate rearing environments.

16'x12' Night shelter


  • Uses the 19’x24’ Pukk2000 shed as one whole unit.
  • Holds up to 2,000 birds.





Floor plan shows the 16’x12’ Night shelter fitted to the 19’x24 Pukk2000 shed, with one run – creating one large rearing environment.


Description Unit Price
12’x12’ Night shelter (up to 1,000 birds) £435
16’x12’ Night shelter (up to 2,000 birds) £585
Central partition* £115

N.B. the pop hole slide and rails are NOT included on the night shelters, as these are included on the brooder huts and / or pop hole pen sections.

*To be fitted to 19’x24’ Pukk2000 shed, if creating two separate rearing environments with 12’x12’ Night shelters.

All prices are shown excluding VAT.  VAT will be applied to all orders at the current rate.

Delivered on site across the UK as easy-assembly kits with comprehensive instructions – including all the correct nuts and bolts etc.

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