Veranda units

Raised off the ground for optimum partridge-rearing conditions

As standard:

  • Available in a range of sizes: 8'x8' (400-500 birds) and 12’x12’ (750-900 birds), 19'x20' (1,000 birds) and 19'x24' (2,000 birds).
  • Construction made from precision-built treated timber frame with raised platform floor.
  • Shelterflex roof and hot-dipped galvanised hexagonal wire sides.
  • Shiplap finish available as an option.

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Description Unit Price
8'x8' Veranda unit with 16' veranda (up to 500 birds) £920
8’x8’ Veranda unit with 24' veranda (up to 500 birds) £1,060
8'x8' Veranda unit with 24' veranda and Shiplap finish (up to 500 birds) £1,200
12’x12’ Veranda unit with 36' veranda (up to 900 birds) £2,400
12'x12' Veranda unit with 36' veranda and Shiplap finish (up to 900 birds) £2,600
19'x20' Veranda unit (up to 1,000 birds) £4,200
19'x24' Veranda unity (up to 2,000 birds) £7,300

All prices are shown excluding VAT.  VAT will be applied to all orders at the current rate.

Delivered on site across the UK as easy-assembly kits with comprehensive instructions – including all the correct nuts and bolts etc.

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