Price options

Floor lining - plastic lining for the shed floor

  Unit cost
Floor lining for 19'x20' Pukk1000 unit (rearing shed section only) £16
Floor lining for 19'x24' Pukk2000 shed (for one half of the unit) £16

Guttering kits

  Unit cost
Guttering kit for 19'x24' Shed £40
Guttering kit for large modular shed units POA

Lifting frame

  Unit cost
Lifting frame £550


  Unit cost
Central partition for 19'x24' Pukk2000 shed    £120
Partitioning for large modular units POA


  Unit cost
Single vent


Ventilation kit for 19'x24' vent kit, includes 2 x vents £60

All prices shown exclude VAT and delivery charges.