Large Sheds & Night Shelters

Affordable quality is at the heart of our range of large timber sheds and night shelters. Specifically designed for rearing 1,000 gamebirds and upwards, each model in this range offers the optimal conditions for rearing strong, healthy birds cost-effectively.

Each shed comes with the added benefit of a built-in insulation system to the roof and walls - helping to drastically reduce fluctuations in temperature internally, as well as cutting heating costs by at least 30%.

Manufactured using quality-sourced raw materials, this low-maintenance range offers the strength and durability you'd expect from your rearing equipment, season after season.


The 19'x20' Pukk1000 is a mid-size unit, suitable for rearing up to 1,000 birds, and cleverly integrates a rearing shed and night shelter in one overall unit.

The bestselling 19'x24' Pukk2000 is for rearing up to 2,000 birds and is designed to work seamlessly with our range of Large night shelters.

For complete flexibility, there's the Large Modular Sheds range, which offers virtually unlimited capacity to rear birds on a large scale.