Chicken Layer Sheds

The economical choice for handling large numbers of layer birds.


Standard featuresClick
  • The 19'x8' basic module can be extended to whatever size you require. Please note that it is not possible to add on sections after the base shed has been constructed.
  • Made with precision-built treated timber frames with either Shiplap or exterior ply cladding. Box profile metal sheet roof with insulation and flashing.
  • It is recommend that a minimum of two people construct these units. Alternatively, we have a reliable construction service that can be booked with your order.
Full SpecClick

Price options

Description Unit price - Ply cladding Unit price - Shiplap cladding
19'x8' shed (124 layer chickens per m2) £1,195 £1,385
19'x16' shed (249 layer chickens per m2) £1,548 £1,620
19'x24' shed (369 layer chickens per m2) £1,825 £2,150
19'x32' shed (488 layer chickens per m2) £2,320 £2,625
19'x40' shed (608 layer chickens per m2) £2,825 £3,225
8' extension (124 layer chickens per m2) £485 £545

All prices shown exclude VAT and delivery charges.