Meet the next generation of metal sheds for rearing gamebirds.

Energy efficient. Ultra hygienic. Low maintenance.

This all-new range is a culmination of our 15+ years experience in manufacturing game rearing units for thousands of customers across the UK and Europe. It combines the best of what we know works, with a whole host of new features inspired by our research with game farmers and gamekeepers.


Using a galvanised steel frame and constructed with state-of-the-art composite metal roof and wall panels, this range is designed for maximum strength and reliability.

Our most energy efficient shed

Superior insulation comes as standard, thanks to the state-of-the-art composite metal panels. These are made with a closed-cell dense thermal insulation core of rigid polyurethane foam (PUR) and coated in steel to both sides. Offering the highest U values and the biggest gas savings, these panels help to maintain a steady temperature for your day olds in both cold and hot weather.

The composite metal panels are the only material used inside the shed - as the galvanised steel frame is built on the outside. This means there are no thermal bridges - areas were heat is lost due to metal contact to the outside - and much less energy is required to heat or cool the space. A further benefit of the clear span interior is the prevention of cold spots or condensation inside the shed.

New materials. A whole new approach.

We've applied fresh thinking to this new range, starting from the inside out.

Putting bird welfare first

Everything is designed to make the environment comfortable and hygienic for birds. For instance, the adjustable solar-powered fan and vent system brings in a steady source of fresh air, and removes dust, humidity and toxins.

Space has also been optimised inside the rearing sheds, without impacting on cost, giving a more spacious, airier environment for birds to freely move around in. 

And to keep the rearing environment bog-free, the roof is deliberately sloped - to enable rainwater to run off the shed and away from bird runs.

Ultra hygienic and easy to clean

The metal surfaces throughout the interior and exterior are super easy to clean. Inside the shed, the ‘clear span' finish means there are no internal beams – again making it quick and easy to clean or powerwash.


The overall shed height measures 6ft at the front and 7ft at the back, so there's plenty of headroom for people to move around in without needing to stoop.

Both the 15'x20' Metal1000 and 15'x24' Metal2000 can be moved in minutes with a telehandler - offering complete flexibility as and when you need to free up space on your rearing field.

The frames of the sheds are designed to be height adjustable, according to your needs. So, for sheds to be built on a concrete base, frames can be raised 1cm from the floor. This makes it easy to clean spray them, and the water will simply run off the bottom. Alternatively, for sheds to be laid directly onto grass, these can be lifted with a telehandler and cleaned with minimal effort.

On-site construction made easy

Every product is delivered ready for you to assemble quickly and easily. So everything is delivered pre-cut and pre-drilled, with all the right fixings, along with a clear set of instructions.