15'x24' Metal2000 rearing shed

The all-new energy-efficient metal rearing unit for up 2,000 gamebirds.


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458cm x 707cm (exact metric size)


2,000 birds

0.18sq. foot per bird

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  • Can be a standalone unit or as multiple units. 
  • Multiple units are designed to go in a row, in a double shed / double night shelter formation, with a 20' wide run. This new system enables you limitless rearing capacity, at the same time as using up minimal space on the rearing field. See floor plan below.
  • Split into two, with a central partition.
  • Links seamlessly to either our 15'x16' Double night shelter or 15'x8' Single night shelter.
  • Manufactured with a galvanised steel frame and state-of-the-art composite metal roof and wall panels. All components are machine cut for precision.
  • Superior insulation system is built in to the fabric of the shed, thanks to the innovative composite metal panels. Made with a closed-cell dense thermal insulation core of rigid polyurethane foam (PUR) and coated in steel to both sides, these panels bring the highest U values - enabling you to easily maintain a steady temperature in both cold and hot weather, at the same time as making big energy savings.
  • Clear span interior, so no thermal bridges - areas were heat is lost due to metal contact to the outside - results in much less energy required to heat or cool the space, and no cold spots or condensation.
  • Adjustable solar-powered fan and vent system brings in a steady source of fresh air, and removes dust, humidity and toxins - making the environment comfortable and healthy for birds. The fan is for circulating the air only, and not for cooling the shed.
  • Sloped roof to enable rainwater to run off the shed and away from bird runs - helping to keep the rearing environment bog-free.
  • Ultra hygienic and easy to clean, due to the metal surfaces throughout the interior and exterior. Clear span interior means there are no internal beams - again making it quick and easy to clean or powerwash.
  • Overall height measures 6ft at the front and 7ft at the back, ensuring there's plenty of headroom for people to move around in without needing to stoop. Can be moved in minutes with a telehandler - offering complete flexibility as and when you need to free up space on your rearing field.
  • It is recommend that a minimum of three people construct these units. 
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Price options

Description Unit Price
15'x24' Metal2000 rearing shed  £3,850
15'x16' Double night shelter (can only be purchased in conjunction with the 15'x24' Metal2000) £1,345
15'x8' Single night shelter (can only be purchased in conjunction with the 15'x24' Metal2000) £945

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