Large modular rearing sheds range

A flexible solution for rearing large numbers of gamebirds. A range of sizes – offering virtually unlimited rearing capacity.


Essential info

19'x24' and upwards


568cm x 722cm and upwards (exact metric size) 

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  • Starting with our best-selling 19’x24’ Pukk2000 shed as the basic module, this can be extended from 24’ in length to 32', 40', 48', 56’ or 64’.
  • Manufactured with precision-built treated timber frame, exterior ply cladding, and box profile metal roof with flashing. All cut out components are CNC machined.
  • Designed for either a permanent concrete base or a field-rearing base.
  • High energy-saving capabilities, thanks to the insulation system that comes as standard to the roof and wall panels. Designed specifically for the UK climate, the insulation helps to reduce gas consumption costs by up to 30%, when used in conjunction with thermostatic controlled heaters, as well helping to minimise stress on birds.
  • Peck-resistant internal sheeting that’s easy to wash down for a healthy, hygienic environment.
  • Customisable options are available on request.
  • We recommend you use our construction service for these units.
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Price options

Shed units – description Unit price (without floor) Unit price of floor

19’x24’ Pukk2000 unit (up to 2,000 birds)

568xm x 722cm (exact metric size)

£2,600 £600

19’x32’ unit (2,700 birds)

568cm x 956cm (exact metric size)

£3,170 £820

19’x40’ unit (3,400 birds)

568cm x 1190cm (exact metric size)

£3,840 £1,100

19’x48’ unit (4,100 birds)

568cm x 1424cm (exact metric size)

£4,560 £1,300

19’x56’unit (4,800 birds)

568cm x 1658cm (exact metric size)

£5,180 £1,450

19’x64’ unit (5,500 birds)

568cm x 1892cm (exact metric size)

£5,880 £1,500

All prices shown exclude VAT and delivery charges.