19’x22’ ECON2000 rearing shed
19’x11’ ECON1000 rearing shed

Competitively priced gamebird rearing units for rearing up to 2,000 and 1,000 birds.


Essential info

19’x22’ /2,000 birds (ECON2000)


19’x’11’ /1,000 birds (ECON1000)


0.209 sq. ft. per bird

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  • Manufactured with treated timber frame, 9mm exterior ply cladding, and corrugated Coroline bitumen roof sheets with metal flashing ridge. All cut out components are CNC machined.
  • Bitumen roofing offers improved insulation compared with single skin metal sheets.
  • Lower in height than our insulated Pukk2000 rearing shed (by approx. 30cm). Measures 122cm high at eaves and 190cm high at roof apex.
  • Can be used as one unit or split into two. Partition not supplied.
  • Designed as a standalone unit or as multiple units. Links seamlessly to our 16'x12' night shelter.
  • It is recommended that a minimum of two people construct these units.
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Standard featuresClick
Standard featuresClick

Price options

Description Unit Price
19'x22' ECON2000 unit (up to 2,000 birds) £1,395
19’x11’ ECON1000 unit (up to 2,000 birds) £850
Flooring for ECON2000 unit (made from panels so they can be taken up, cleaned and stored) £600
Flooring for ECON1000 unit (made from panels so they can be taken up, cleaned and stored) £400
Guttering kit £45

All prices shown exclude VAT and delivery charges.